Today i found a beautyful slideshow on lensblog
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Made me think of the three beautiful felines Iggy, Lotti and Louie that shared their lifes for over 20 years with my wife Ramona and me. I still feel sorry, because Ramona had to cope alone with the situation of deciding to put Louie to sleep because of kidney failure on the morning of December, 11th 2013. 
Some time earlier, as we felt the day could be near,  we have decided already not to prolong his life through medication. We have lived through it with Iggy and Lotti before and wanted to spare Louie this.
 I could not be with them because I had to be on duty in Berlin, which is over 200 km away from my hometown. Although I managed to be there the same evening to bury my boy in our garden the next morning. 
It was heartbreaking to see to see him lying there on his blanket, like simply having a nap. His gesture looked like he was chasing a fly away from his nose which he often did with a gentle mutter while dreaming.

People often can not comprehend that one truly misses to regularly get up early to clean the cat toilet and feed a cat while it's nervously scuttling around your legs before one's eyes are even really open. 

curious fellow, he even made it to the top of the ladder under the appletree, 25.April 2004

enjoying the last warming sunbeams in the afternoon on 07. October 2012

    A footprint in the snow on the last promenade in the garden that i was able to share on 09. December 2012

eternal sleep, late on 11. December 2012